Vineyard 29


Welcome to Vineyard 29

We have a passion for the Napa Valley and creating a portfolio of elegant, enjoyable wines. We invite you to explore how our unmatched vineyard sites, use of classic wine making techniques and our state-of-the-art winery support our passion and give us the opportunity to share Vineyard 29’s wines with you.

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Unmatched Vineyard Sites

Reflecting all the beauty and quality of this special place on earth, our distinctive vineyards shine proudly through the wines we craft.

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A Sophisticated, Gravity-flow Winery Designed with the Least Amount of Environmental Impact

Winemaking always starts with the grapes — we rely on unmatched vineyard sites growing exceptional grapes that will transform into elegant and long-lived wines.

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Since Our First Vintage in 1992, We Have Been Determined to Produce the Best Wines

Our technologically sophisticated, gravity-flow winery and caves provide the ideal location for producing our hand-crafted wines.

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Let’s Share the Experience

Our mission has always been producing the best wines we can to share with you. Our 29 Estate, Aida Estate and Cru wines are our committed expression of that mission. Enjoy!

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