vineyard 29 winery with view

Our Team

Jessica Harness - Assistant Winemaker

Jessica joined the Vineyard 29 production team in just in time for harvest 2007. A native of California’s Central Coast, Jessica’s interest in wine-making began in middle school during a science fair experiment on the fermentation rate of fruit juices in a home refrigerator. Using a local resource -- the laboratory at Bernardus Estate in Carmel Valley, CA -- Jessica quickly learned how exciting the science of fermentation can be.

Although she initially entered UC-Davis to study chemical engineering, the Viticulture and Enology department soon became home for Jessica.  Studying winemaking proved an avenue to explore the wine, food, and culture of many of the world’s most beautiful places. 

 Jessica worked harvests with Clos du Val and Rudd Estate before traveling to Marlborough Valley, New Zealand to work with Kim Crawford and Saint Claire wineries.  Before joining the team at Vineyard 29, Jessica was Enologist for Miner Family Winery.

Working with Philippe Melka, Keith Emerson, and the rest of the Vineyard 29 crew, has proven to be both exciting and rewarding.  “Its a great treat to work with such terrific fruit.  Both Estate Vineyards-- Vineyard 29 and Aida as well as the diverse Cru Vineyards make for exciting winemaking and wines that I can’t wait to put in the bottle.”