vineyard 29 winery with view

Our Team

Julieta Torres - Housekeeping and Winery Projects

Julieta has been with Vineyard 29 since the very beginning. In the early days, she worked directly for Tom Paine and Teresa Norton in their home on-site. As Vineyard 29 has grown, Julieta has grown with us, taking on new responsibilities wherever they arise.

With the completion of the winery facility, Julieta became solely responsible for keeping the building absolutely spotless, looking and feeling new year-round. With all winemaking operations now contained within the winery, Julieta has also taken over as our bottling line foreman, managing temporary staff during Spring bottling activities.

During the busiest times of the year, it is not unusual to see Julieta's husband, Elias, pitching in around the winery for large events, such as our 2003 Napa Valley Wine Auction Open House.

Always willing to learn and take on additional responsibilities, it is likely that Julieta's role with Vineyard 29 will continue to expand for years to come.